We offer pulses obtained from our reliable vendors and mandi ensuring quality and purity of our pulses. Our procurement team ensures that  our pulses meet the required food and health safety standards and offer complete nutritional value and superior taste.

    Chana Desi (Brown Chickpea) Whole & Dal :-
    Product Appearance and Description :- The Desi (meaning country or local in Hindi) is also known as Bengal gram. Indore is the biggest mandi of Desi Chana. Among the various range of pulses that we deal in, chana dal has been widely acclaimed due to its tasteful flavour. small Chickpeas with brown skins. Chickpea is divided into two parts and the resultant is known as the chana dal. We provide the desi form of chana (Whole) & chana dal and customize it as per client requirements. We provide chana & chana dal which is cleaned and processed before packing and transporting.

    The words "chana dal" mean "split chickpeas." (Chana gram is a whole chickpea). Chana dal are baby chickpeas that have been split and polished. They look and taste like small kernels of sweet corn and work well in soups, salads, and rice dishes.

    Kabuli Chana (White Chickpea):-
    Product Appearance and Description :- We also deal in Kabuli Chana. Kabuli Chana is also known as Chole or White Chickpeas has a lovely nutty flavor. Chickpeas in India come in different colors and are known by different names. Kabuli, which has lighter colored, larger seeds and a smoother coat. It is mainly produce in Madhyapradesh in India. Indore is the main mandi of kabuli. The best quality of Kabuli is produced here. We supply graded kabuli chana (Whole) to exporters after cleaning, sorting and in uniform size (Count). We pack & transported it as per requirement of the buyer.      

    Moong (Green Gram) Whole & Dal :-
    Product Appearance and Description :- We are a well known name in supplying an assortment of Moong(Whole) & moongdal for our customers. While supplying, we make sure that the finest moong pulses (whole) reach our customers. These moong (whole) pulses have good nutritious value and are available in various types. Whole moong is actually a bean or pulse and is known as 'sabut moong'. They are small green beans fairly used in India. Sprouted they are used in salads or stir fries with lemon juice or vinaigrette. In India Moong is used, which is split moong beans with the skin left (green skin) on or without the skin (yellow lentil). It is used to make delicious dals and curries. Moong lentils in particular is very easy to digest and take on seasonings and spices very well.

    Urad (Black Matp) Whole & dal:-
    Product Appearance and Description :-
    Our company is a recognized name in supplying urad in variety. The urad majorly comes in two types that is black (with chilka) and white (without chilka). Being a major source of proteins Indian urad is extremely nutritious and healthy. Our pulses are well processed and adhere to the highest standards of quality. We provide multiple packaging options. Whole Urad dal is used more like a chili or stew than a soup or dal. These beans have black skins covering creamy white interiors. Whole urad dal derive their strong, rich, earthy flavor from the black skins and have an uncanny ability to absorb flavors. Split and without the skin Urad dal is a white lentil used along with rice to make dosas, the crisp pancakes of southern India and other Rice preparations. The flour of urad dal (without skin) is used to prepare sweets which is like in routine food in India in the winter season due to high protien content.

    Masoor (Red Lentil) Whole & dal
    Product Appearance and Description :- Our company offers a qualitative range of masoor whole & dal also known as red lentils. The entire range of Masoor Dal/ Red Lentils are packed in a variety of pack sizes for ease of storing & usage. These are of high nutritional value and at the same time available at cost effective prices. We procure these pulses from the best farms and plantation zones.

    Toor / Arhar (Whole & Dal) (Pigeon Pea)
    Product Appearance and Description :- We are suppliers of yellow colored Toor Whole & Dal. It is offered in whole & split form for making it accurate for consumption purposes. Our toor dal is hygienically packaged so that there is no nutritional loss during the transportation of our product to the clients. Besides, these are packed as per client requirement. Toor Dal is a glassy dark yellow split pea (pigeon pea), similar to chana dal. They take a little more time to cook than other dal. These yellow split peas can be made into dal which is served with side dish of vegetables, rice or flat breads.The South Indian delicacy, sambhar which is an accompaniment for dosa, idli or even rice is cooked with toordal

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